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Comprehensive Underground Utility Locating

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Call C Below before you cut, core, drill, or dig.

Avoid costly mistakes and delays in planning & construction. Build Safe.

When you choose to work with C Below, we will accurately locate underground utilities to protect our clients and the general public. We provide highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment for all of our underground utility locating investigations to provide the best service possible. 

Our core services include Subsurface Utility Investigations, Vacuum Excavation and Utility Depiction. We also offer all of the support services to make us your one stop shop, saving you time and money. 

Our underground utility location service features the capability to locate metallic and nonmetallic utilities underground. Electrical, Communication, Water, Gas, Sewer and Storm Drain. We also specialize in locating reinforcing steel, post-tensioned and pre-tensioned cables and conduits in concrete and masonry structures. 


We can electronically locate utilities by either hooking up directly to a conductive line and sending a signal through it or sending a signal through the surface for detection. Our approach will be tailored to the quality level you require.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sends a signal through material such as asphalt, concrete or soil to locate a utility, conduit, PT or cable. This is an excellent option for non-conductive lines.


Excavating a small hole for visual verification. When mission critical information is needed that electronic detection cannot provide such as line size, material, or exact depth. Potholing is the most precise method of verification.


CCTV pipe & sewer inspection and video assessment of waste line conditions with a locatable camera. This inspection looks for damages such as cracks, roots, blockages, and other unwanted problems.


After locating the utilities, survey grade CAD drawings of the underground utility locations can be provided by our survey team. We can tie into your existing controls and work with any available standards.


Accurate, easy to read, detailed documentation is vital to your project. We offer empty conduit, vault locations, 3D modeling and many other precise reports to aid your design and project plan.

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