Call before you cut, core, drill or dig.

Lunch & Learn with C Below

Pictured here is a Lunch & Learn with the Orange County Public Works team, showing our electromagnetic locator in action.

C Below offers an informative Lunch & Learn experience which we feel is the best way to maximize the workday while learning some new information about C Below’s latest technology and updated list of services. During these meetings, we love to talk with our clients about what their needs are for projects, and how we can come up with the best strategies to assist them. We talk about the technologies that we use for our utility investigations, as well as why it is best to plan ahead for our services to save projects time and money in the long run.

We often have a Field Manager join us for a portion of the lunch to do a demonstration of a piece of equipment that is relevant to the client. This is great for those attending to ask any questions on capabilities, and which technology is best used on certain projects.