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CCTV Pipe Inspection

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In addition to identifying the location of a line, it may be necessary to see inside it. Video Pipe Inspection can give you vital information needed to assess conditions and help you make well informed decisions. It is a key component in proper facility maintenance. C Below will provide you with video and documentation showing potential trouble spots as well as any existing issues that may require your attention. CCTV Pipe inspection can identify: Pipe offsets, Root problems, Corrosion, Flow conditions, Obstructions or blockages

Videos provided are full color, MP4 files that can be viewed on any computer. Voice Over and Captions can be added to the video to help explain the technicians findings. Snap shots of trouble spots will be included in your report and those locations can be identified on your utility survey map. In many cases trouble spots can also be marked directly on the surface above for ease of locating.


There are several different types of cameras used in CCTV Pipe Inspection.

Push Camera | These cameras can range from 1″ – 3″ in diameter and require the technician to manually push the camera through the line. Our push cameras range from 200′ to 400′ in length. This is the optimal choice for a line ranging from 2″ – 6″ in diameter.

IMG 5233 300x225 1 - C Below | Subsurface ImagingCrawler Camera | When lines are too large for a push camera or the information needed required another level of detail, we use a Crawler Camera. These motorized cameras power themselves down the line and ofter several advantages. The head of the camera camera can be raised or lowered centralizing the view as much as possible. The head also rotates offering unique views and options such as joint inspection. One of the key advantages of using a crawler camera is the ability to identify and mark out laterals waste lines.

Jetting | When lines are blocked by debris and a camera or other tool unable to be inserted into the line, we offer High Pressure Water Jetting. This is an effective method of clearing and cleaning lines of debris or other unwanted items such as grease, sludge and roots.

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