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Reasons to Use Underground Utility Mapping for Your Next Project

It’s never a good construction day when a damaged pipe bursts.

Each utility system laid under our subsurface is an intricate net of sewers, pipes, tanks, ventilation, and drainage ports. Without proper planning, it’s easier to hit a pipe rather than evade it.

That is why it’s essential to utilize the technology of underground utility mapping. Read this guide on the great benefits it provides.

Aids in Planning and Decision Making

During the planning stage of a construction project, it’s hard to remember every specific code regulation in the surrounding area of California. If something occurs, it could mean deciding on the best course of action, which can delay projects for up to weeks.

So before beginning any part of the project, it’s better to understand the scale of what pipes need to be fixed, patched, and brought up to code. Our underground utility technology can be beneficial with this, as we provide CCTV inspection video right on the property. We’ll be able to assess sewage lines and piping and report what needs to be addressed before digging begins.

If there is ever a question on pipe regulation, this is the best time to address it so you have all the supplies needed for quick decision-making.

Provides Accurate Fast Reporting

Some situations require immediate response, not only to determine accurate information but for the safety of the workers as well. But how can assessments be made on areas that are not visible to the eye?

Underground utility mapping is the fastest way to find out exactly what needs to be found right then and there. Our professional team can come on-site and provide emergency potholing for any visual verification checks of underground utility locations. This is especially useful when in doubt about electrical line size and the depth it runs.

Saves Money

One of the most obvious benefits of mapping is the amount of money it saves. All too often, projects go over budget from preemptively running into utility lines.

It also means delays and replanning for more accessible routes. This can all be avoided by investing in getting a professional underground utility report. All of our reports cover detailed information on everything relating to the vast subsurface underneath the property, saving you not only money but time as well.

Helps With Managing Assets

The goal is to avoid any major disturbances or accidents when digging, but if an accident does occur, mapping can help with that too. All of our information and documents are shareable for any repair team needed. We’ll pinpoint and trace and share location data directly to any responders with our public utility reporting, which gets things replaced and fixed in little to no time.

Underground Utility Mapping Is Easier Than Ever

At C Below Surface Imaging, our underground utility mapping is changing the way companies design and innovate. It provides immense help in complicated utility locations, which ultimately saves money and time for all departments involved. 

Let us help you plan out your next project today. For more information on estimates, visit our direct website.