Eastvale’s Goodman Commerce Center Development

Goodman 2 200x150 1 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Goodman Commerce Center Eastvale is a proposed mixed use development project located in the Inland Empire’s West Eastvale, California. C Below Subsurface Imaging provided Utility Locating to classify unidentified utilities surrounding the project’s proposed site. Upwards of 80 potholes were completed to visually verify the vertical and horizontal specifics of each utility line interacting with…

New Equipment in the Family

crwaler cam 200x150 1 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

C Below has been able to keep up with the demands of difficult locating projects by having up-to-date equipment for the technicians to best utilize their time and efficiently report data to our clients. One of the newest pieces that C Below has invested in is the ROVVER X Crawler Cam to use for CCTV.

Underground Line Strike & Emergency Response

Underground Line Strike Event - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Unwanted injuries, outages, delays, and costs occur when underground damage prevention practices are not followed. C Below Subsurface Imaging visited the Underground Line Strike & Emergency Response Event put on by the California Regional Common Ground Alliance and San Bernardino County Fire. The crews demonstrated a mock gas line fire to show what can happen […]

C.A.S.H. School Bond Campaign Fundraiser

new new newest CASH post - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Along with Koury Engineering, C Below’s team participated in the fundraiser event hosted by Westgroup Designs in Irvine. This event was put together beautifully with interesting speakers from multiple school districts, themed appetizers and drinks, and a silent auction with killer prizes to encourage firms to donate to the campaign. Those interested in this campaign […]

The Need for CCTV

Blockage - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

C Below offers CCTV Video Pipe Inspections for sewer and storm drain lines. We have a variety of equipment to be able to video lines big and small. Our robotic cameras have the ability to maneuver through larger sized lines to get all types of details like: root intrusions, joint assessments, blockages, cracks, etc. We […]

Lunch & Learn with C Below

20170516 123250 764x233 1 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Pictured here is a Lunch & Learn with the Orange County Public Works team, showing our electromagnetic locator in action. C Below offers an informative Lunch & Learn experience which we feel is the best way to maximize the workday while learning some new information about C Below’s latest technology and updated list of services. […]

Ocean Place Potholing

Ocean Place - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

C Below ran into some square steel reinforced concrete under asphalt during this trenching project in Seal Beach. The purpose of the multiple trenches was to clear the street for any utilities that may be running in the way of our clients’ design project. Unknown delays like this can come up during any project, but […]